The eHealth Lab – Intensive Study Programme

Are you a higher education student searching for the opportunity to share your idea? Do you want to be a future innovator and entrepreneur to develop a world-class solution to societal challenges and create growth and skilled jobs?

We designed this Intensive Study Programme to provide you with a complete overview of eHealth, guiding you through the technical aspects and equipping you to predict and forecast what’s coming next.
A number of 42 students from Portugal and Romania with backgrounds in Health and Computer sciences will be enrolled to participate in an intensive study programme. International teaching staff and mentors will help you develop competencies in professional practice to tackle the real Digital Health problems. At the end of the intensive study program and long-term mentorship program, seven teams of students will have the opportunity to pitch a project to international stakeholders at our final conference. 
The eHealth Lab aims to facilitate the formation of mixed groups (IT and Health) in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, to create various digital health tools in which students will be part of challenge-based learning exercises and act as eHealth developers and researchers. Their final project will involve the development of one innovative eHealth technology idea (over the next ten months) that could be implemented and financed in their region.
Cluj-Napoca, Department of Public Health College of Political, Administrative and Communication, Babes Bolyai University
Accommodation – Universitas Student Campus
Office and classrooms will be located in the Iuliu Hațieganu Sports Park complex.
  • 17 – 30st July 2022 
  • The teaching activities will be systematically organised and will have 6 hours a day for each working day. 
Why participate?
The CONNECT project offers all chosen participants full funding for the accommodation costs, the study program fee and travelling expenses. Also, you will receive a certificate signed by all partners with the recognition of Erasmus+ Network. 
  • You will work in a multidisciplinary and transnational groups 
  • You will learn through innovative methods (peer-to-peer, active and challenge-based learning)
  • You will find the answer to practical questions and hypotheses and will have the opportunity to propose novel and innovative solutions for real problems in eHealth
  • You will explore the technical and market feasibility and will identify potential buyers and financing sources
  • You will find out how to apply appropriate business, research and project management methods 
  • You have the chance to become a leader in your field and to implement best practices in the ethical conduct of business development
  • You will better understand the current healthcare trends and from being able to predict the next ones better
  • You will be guided by mentors working in pharma, biotech, health insurance, medical technology companies, and also investors and policymakers.
  • You will understand the context around digital health technologies and their impact on the near future of healthcare.
How can you be a part of it?
Students that participate at the Multiplier Events in Porto and Romania have priority in the registration process and are confirmed in advance by our team. The remaining number of available places is limited. 
Requirements for Participation:
  • You are a European student enrolled in Health sciences educational programmes (Public health, Medical, Nursing, Nutrition, Sociology or Psychology) or IT educational programmes (Computer engineering or Informatics)
  • You have good English language skills
  • You are willing to work in a multidisciplinary and transnational group and contribute to the learning experience and long-term mentorship (for a period of 6 months after the finalization of the Intensive Study Programme)
We ask you to send us your application for the application process until 22nd June 2022
Please send us the following information:
  • Short presentation in which you introduce yourself and present your favourite Digital Health technological trend that will be posted online on the eHealth Community of Practice
  • Curriculum Vitae by email
  • Portuguese students can register by contacting our team members from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto: 
    • Elísio Costa (
    • Tiago Pinho (
  • Romanian students can register by contacting University staff from the Department of Public Health at Babeș-Bolyai University:
    • Alina Forray (
    • Diana Nemes (
After confirmation, participants will receive information before arrival regarding the venue and travel, schedule & timeline, course structure, and social activities.